Technological Tweeting

This tweet references back to a guide for teachers and parents on how to implement technology into children’s education. A survey was taken and the results stated that “one in five [teachers] said they use social media regularly with students.” Instead of being used as a helpful resource, twitter, pinterest, instagram, and facebook are viewed as “digital play-grounds” and should only be used in free time. This guide shows teachers how to incorporate media into lessons and gives an overlook of these websites and how they work. I liked this article in particular because it addresses how to implement the technology for teachers but also teaches parents how to let their children safely use this media as well.

This article contemplates if there is “too much technology and not enough learning?” I think this is a very common question for both parents and administrators. I think it greatly depends on the classroom and the instructor. The article states, “good teaching and high expectations make the difference, and technology is icing on the cake. My concern is that we are at a point where our students spend more time using technology and less time actually learning.” I completely agree that technology is the icing on the cake; it keeps students interested and engaged, but too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. The article really delves into the question, “is there an app for that?” There does not have to be an application for every single thing in our lives and we will get on without it. I think people need to understand that technology can be extremely helpful when utilized but we do not need to completely rely on it.

This article is titled “Preschoolers in the Digital Sanbox.” I had never really thought about this concept before but it is completely accurate. Kids today have gone from spending hours on end outside playing to many hours spent dragging their fingers across iPads. The article states, “these devices provide opportunities to increase engagement, participation and social interactions. Parents, educators and related service providers seek out activities that ensure young children can reach their potential. The brilliant colors and unique interface of today’s technologies offer young learners the opportunity to explore and learn in brief-yet-powerful, on-demand learning intervals with increased focus and motivation.” This article specifically talks about the benefits of letting young learners utilize technology while also understanding that it should not be their only source of learning. Technology can help them reach their potential but it also must be used right to have positive results.



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