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Kids Speak Out on Student Engagement

220 eighth graders were asked “What Engages Students?” and here’s what they said.

Working with their peers, working with technology, connecting the real world to the work we do/ project-based learning, clearly love what you do, get out of my seat!, bring in visuals, student choice, understand your clients — the kids, mix it up!, and be human.

I decided to delve into two of these topics specifically.

1. Understand your clients — the kids.

The students said that they like to be asked their opinion and feel like it truly matters. They make a wonderful point that they may be younger and less educated, but the teacher can always learn from the students, not always just vice versa. They like to feel that their teachers are confident in them and their abilities and in turn, it makes them believe in themselves. The students claimed they didn’t like to be treated as “students” they look for more of a partnership with their teachers. They like when their teachers put themselves in the shoes of their students. They strive for personal connections because they really make all the difference.

2. Working with technology.

This was the second item on the list, meaning that it was mentioned extremely frequently. Students claimed that they would rather learn by doing and technology truly helps that process. Technology excites and keeps students engaged. They claim that they live in a digital age therefore they should be using technology in the classroom not only at home and in their free time.

Preparing Kids for the Digital Future

Parents today are mostly digital immigrants; they didn’t grow up with technology in every aspect of their lives like children today. This can sometimes cause a struggle when they are trying to prepare their child for the “digital future.” Edtech is an app hoping to converge education and technology for the youth of today. The app teaches children how to use a touch screen interface, the new face of educational technology.

Teach with Your iPhone: Apps to Use in the Classroom

This article included 8 great apps to use in the classroom. Here is a short synopsis of each.

1. Mastery connect: This app keeps the Common Core Standards at your fingertips.

2. Pick a Student: A random generation app to make sure each student gets called on and a chance to speak.

3. Timer, sand timer, and traffic light: Timer systems that are not too intimidating; helps students work on pacing themselves.

4. Bookleveler: Helps students fund a “just right” book, all you have to do is scan the barcode and you can find a similar book!

5. Groovy Grader: Makes grading on the go quick and easy. You can determine percentages of questions a student answered or the whole class all together.

6. WordPress: You can work on your blog from your phone; you can make a blog for your class where you put updates and assignments.

7. DocScan HD: Keeps all your paperwork organized and in one place and is connected to Dropbox.

8. MyScript Calculator: This app turns your writing into numbers and solves the problem in a flash.


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