Sesame Street Plans to Focus on Autism

Sesame Street To Focus On Autism

It has been released that Sesame street will soon be launching a new effort to “reduce stigma surrounding kids with autism and help those with the developmental disorder learn life skills.” Sesame street is always up to date and hip, bringing in actors, performers, and leaders of this decade. One thing they were not so up to date on was representing all kinds of children; sure they were racially diverse but they were not catering to or including children with disabilities on there show – but this is all about to change. 

Sesame street plans to create digital tools and have episodes geared toward children with autism. They are starting a new initiative called “See Amazing in All Children” and it will focus on “helping children with autism learn to play with others and complete everyday activities like brushing teeth, getting dressed and trying new foods.” Along with helping children with autism learn new lessons, the organization said it will use “Sesame Street’s brand and characters to educate the public about autism and emphasize that kids on the spectrum are much like their typically developing peers.” I think this a few point that is not portrayed in television today. This could be ground breaking and life changing in the entertainment world. This can create an understanding of autism for children out there and their parents. It can show that children with autism are not very different from their peers and that if they are different it doesn’t make them “weird” or “fragile”, it makes them unique and it should be known that they should be treated with the same respect as anyone else. 

I think this can really impact myself as a teacher and the world around me. I think it is necessary for special education teachers to advocate for their students and show that they are just like every other child. They still want to play and have fun, they learn, have friends and families, and they truly are not that different. I think that this new incentive is a wonderful idea and honestly a few years late, but better late than never. This can show general education students and their families that all children are very similar no matter if they have a disability or not. I also think it’s great that Sesame Street will have episodes or portions of the show dedicated to teaching students with autism new lessons. 

I assume they will use video modeling to teach the students new lessons and behaviors. Video modeling is an awesome new technology that shows students with autism how to act in certain situations, what behavior is appropriate, and how to perform certain tasks. The students may see their peers, family, teacher, or even themselves video taped and recorded doing these actions and illustrating to the student what they should do as well. 


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