Video Games Improving Social Skills Rather than Hindering

Video games tend to have the stigma that they turn kids’ brains into goop but many people other disagree. This article is about video games that teach kids good social skills and about empathy. Many video games these days are multiplayer and you can play with others all around the world – they are social; you talk to your teammates and construct plans. These video games are “bringing people together.” There is a new trend of video games that are geared to “build social skills and encourage players to reflect on themselves and their relationships.” I chose two of these games to discuss. 

1. The Social Express: 

This game consists of animated episodes that are similar to real world events. The played makes choices of what the character will do in terms of social interactions, social cues, and appropriate decisions. Through this game, children learn key social skills in a safe environment that are very transferable into daily life.

2. Way: 

While playing Way, you are paired with another player and you must use gestures and non-verbal cues to guide your partner through the level. Players will take turn being the guider and guidee – this develops trust in others and shows what it’s like to be responsible of someone else. This game is great because it helps children become “better collaborators while simultaneously getting them to think critically about all the myriad ways we communicate.” 



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