Teaching with Technology in the Classroom

11 Signs that Technology is a Key Part of Education: With each article I read I am convinced even further that technology is imperative in the education of a child in today’s world. Technology is all around us and will be extremely prevalent in our futures as well. This article states, “technology makes it easy for teachers to create visually engaging images that illustrate a key concept” and they explain that you don’t have to be extremely skilled in digital design to make a great presentation. I think this is a very important point about today’s technology in education. Anyone can do it. Teachers and parents shouldn’t be intimidated by technology today and we should let the youth teach us. Each minute, hour, and day something new is invented on the internet and children are the ones who will understand it first. We should not be scared by these new inventions and programs, we need to embrace them.

20 Ways to Bring Your Textbook to Life: Textbooks are crucial when designing lesson plans and abiding by the curriculum but those factors impact the teacher more than the student. Students might find reading textbooks tedious and boring (me included). Textbooks and their contents can be much more beneficial if presented in the right manner. As a future teacher I would like to model and use some of these ideas in my classroom to keep my students interested and engaged.

  • Have your students create a pinterest board dedicated to each chapter
  • Use word clouds and graphic organizers
  • Modernize Dialogue

I think this article truly illustrates how being creative and presenting ideas in a new and fun way can keep children interested.

First Graders Tap into iPad Technology in their Classroom: I think this is article for today’s educators to see how much children enjoy and benefit from using technology even at such a young age. When they are having fun they are more likely to be learning and interested in the ideas presented to them. Working on iPads is like working with pen and paper for them; technology has been in their lives since day one. This is a concept that educators must understand. Technology must be implemented in the classroom because it is a very large aspect in their lives, and you mustn’t hold back your students when they have the resources to do great things with great technology and great skills.


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