Giving Teachers the Option to Chose their Student’s Technological Fate

“Given the realities of our modern age and the demands of our children’s future, is it really ok to allow teachers to choose whether or not they incorporate modern technologies into their instruction?”

As the years pass and time advances, so does technology. From Chalkboards to Dry Erase Boards to Smartboards, the classroom keeps evolving at a rapid pace. Technology is also evolving outside of schools. Children today are more technologically advanced at a young age, more so than ever before. Children are not the only age group affected by technology either. Young toddlers know how to work an iPad and can find apps to keep them entertained, young children Instagram photos of themselves doing every action possible and manage to have their entire middle school see each post, teenagers spend hours on end on Facebook perusing the profiles of their many friends, college aged students, like me, spend as much time as possible procrastinating from their school work and spending time on Buzzfeed instead, and the older generation spends time reading on their kindles. Technology is present and utilized for every generation. 

As technology evolves and becomes more present in everyone’s lives it makes us wonder if it is helping us grow and become more knowledgable or is it impeding our intelligence and shortening our attention spans? This is a current debate in both our society and classrooms today. Should teachers have the choice to restrict children from using technology in the classroom? Some people firmly believe that technology should be for entertainment purposes only and fail to realize all of it’s educational benefits. I believe that technology will assist children in acquiring new knowledge but only if they know how to utilize it correctly. 

I found a video that illustrates the 21st century learner and how technology plays such a large role in their learning process but also portrays a common unfortunate event, that teachers may be too intimidated by “difficult” technology to implement in their classrooms. This idea that teachers chose to not use technology in their classrooms because it may be difficult to learn is a very sad thought. The children of the 21st century need 21st century skills in the both the classroom and their lives. The children already have technologies in their homes and almost constantly in their environment, therefore I believe technology should be completely utilized in the classroom. I think that teachers should be required to use modern technology in their lessons to prepare their students for the technological world and to prepare them adequately for their future. 

Children have the want to learn and technology enhances it; it keeps things interesting and modern. Technology can help some students who were previously not confident in their studies because using technology can make the lessons more interactive and visual, it helps them see things from a new perspective. The video explains that children want to “create and innovate” and technology can play a key role to help them “connect, collaborate, and share.” Children today already have a vast knowledge about technology but teaching about technology in the classroom will help students utilize their knowledge in a useful way. I truly believe that if technology is not used and taught in the modern classroom, students are being held at a disadvantage in their futures. The futures of today’s youth will be full of technology in their jobs and homes, if we do not prepare them for these futures I believe that is not being the best teacher you can possibly be. 



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